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Vixou's ID card


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Hey there , i hope you're having a good day (at the moment you'll read my short bio).

  • First thing first my name is Alex , nice to meet you whoever you are.
  • My ages : i have 22 yo.
  • I was studying in engineering industrial a few years ago , i failed hard , so now i'm looking for a Police school entrance.
  • Nationality : British , born at London.
  • Currently living near to Lille , France.
  • A few words abt my personality : Calm , friendly , respectfull , funny i guess and helpfull (depends on what) / i can make your day terrible if you're being disrespectfull with me or my friends.
  • Otherwise guys i have some big things , such as my voice and also there's my height/weight/? : 188/102/16,5.
  • My roleplay style : i'm mostly peacefull (not killing new players for my own satisfaction) , i have lil bit of leadership on some operation and stuff like , explain features to people and selling drugs to make you feel so high.

Also don't be hesitating if you wanna make a real roleplay scene with me , i'm fine with that.

Hope we'll talk soon on the server boys and girls.

Good luck with your translator baguette.


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